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Fix and Flip Loans

 Whether you’ve bought fixers before or not, we are your one-stop shop for financing. Traditional lenders will make you put 30%+ down, and base their loan amount on the purchase price. But our investors understand what you are trying to do and are here to help. We can up 65-75% of the actual value or even the completed or “finished” value. This means less cash out of your pocket.  We’ll work with you and/or your contractor to make sure your project gets completed. The term is 12 months, so it gives you plenty of time to fix those properties and either sell them or obtain better financing (which we can also help you with!).   

Administrators, Executors, Trustees & Heirs of Estates

Have you been named an administrator or executor of an estate?  Or are you a trustee or heir of an estate?  Many times estates have real estate assets but no cash.  There's all sorts of bills - Medicaid, property taxes, credit cards, attorney fees.  Maybe the property needs a face-lift or some maybe some of the heirs want to be bought-out.   Whatever the need we can help. These types of loans are very specialized - banks can't do them, and many private guys don't understand them.  But we've been doing them for years and work with over 100 attorneys all over the state handling their estate loan needs.  (Attorneys LOVE us because now they can get paid!). 

Refinance - cash-out or rate & term

Need some fast cash?  We can do 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd trust deeds!  We can pull out of 65% of the properties value. We can do interest-only or full amortized loans. 

Foreclosure problems

Sometimes our financial situations can turn dire - we get behind on bills, and we just don't see any way out.  We've helped hundreds of homeowners save their property from the jaws of foreclosure.  When this happens, give us a call.  We can move lightning fast and give you the time and money to "breathe" again.  The sooner the better, so don't wait until the last minute - call us NOW! 

Purchases - any type of property

Every purchase transaction is different, but when you need some truly creative financing options, let us help!  We can almost custom-tailor a loan just for you.  We can go up to 65-70%, but if you can get the seller to carry part or all the balance, we're fine with it!  

We also now do Business Loans

As the saying goes; "banks are glad to lend you an umbrella until it starts to rain".  But when you need cash to expand or grow your business, we've got your back.  There are any number of ways to get cash as every business is different. From factoring or collateralizing other assets, or maybe even signature loans!  Call us, and let's talk abtou what you need.