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Private Money Loans Explained

The big banks and traditional institutions used to have a lock on who got money, and what you could do with it. You jumped through hoops, filled out a ton of paperwork, and maybe they will lend to you. But we literally have hundreds of private money sources that are eager to lend to you. Yes, the costs are more, but when you need money, FOR ANY PURPOSE, we’ve got you covered! We don’t care about your credit, income, and we rarely need an appraisal. If you’ve got equity, we’ll turn it into cash. Use it for bills, renovations, taxes, investments, to buy other property, WE DON’T CARE! Make your payments, and all is good.    

All Kinds of Properties Welcome

- single family residences

- condos

- townhomes

- apartments

- 2-4 unit properties

- commercial

- industrial

- land

- owner & non-owner occupied


Qualifying is Easy

When you need money, the last thing you want to do is fill out reams of paperwork. We keep it simple! To start with, to find out how much you qualify for, all we need is:

- Property address 

- How much you owe on it

- How much you need to net out

With that info. we’ll get you a fast quote, usually within 24 hours. If our loan seems like it will work for you, we’ll need the following documentation:

- Loan application (we will supply it to you)

- Current mortgage statement 

- Copy of insurance 

- Copy of driver’s license (Homeland Security rules)

Get us what we need and we can close FAST!  


“I wanted to take advantage of the real estate boom and wanted to buy & flip properties. G & R Financial Services excelled on every level, making the entire  process easy to understand and helped us every step of the way.”  

“When my folks died and made me administrator of their estate, we were left with the family home,  but no cash to payoff the medical bills and other debts left behind. We thought we would have to sell, but G&R Financial was able to get us the money we needed when nobody else would.  They saved our family home and we were able to payoff all the estates debts!"  

“My wife and I really wanted to buy our first home, but due to some past credit issues nobody would lend to us.   Greg at G&R  listened to our story and worked out a situation that let us get into a great home."